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Qatar Day Tours was founded 2010 based in the city of Duha by group of local touring experts as a travel guide and tour operator in the City of Duha and the whole country of Qatar which meets all tourists and travelers needs and fulfill their aspirations. QDT organizes and handles different touring styles in Duha and beyond. More» Starting at quick layovers form Duha Airport to discover best highlights of the city, and also day tours from your residency in Duha in addition to transfer and taxi services.


Our vision depends on attracting new and repeated visitors to Doha through providing outstanding customer service for the best value of money and time.


Our philosophy is all about traveler satisfaction of large, wide and various tours and travel packages in all styles offered in Doha between safari trips, sightseeing tours, cruising experiences and tailor made packages, Simply we are here to satisfy your aspiration and to fulfill what you exactly need to Our financial department commits to provide wide and easy methods to complete touring fees with a consideration to avoid any hidden or extra fees.
Our quality control will keep in touch with you to ensure your satisfaction about service quality since booking progress until ending of service.


Our team is composed of skillful and well trained youth with large experience in travel market of Doha, Our tour operators are working in shift system along day to be in time with your requests and inquires, We guarantee your request to be replied within few minutes of sending with detailed and comprehensive email. Our guides are always well-speaking and informative friendly guides to accompany you within stay in Doha.
Our drivers are very skillful and polite ones, with a periodic reviewing depends on your feedback we guarantee to stay at you already expect. More»

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